Guide To The Perfect Real Estate Pre-Listing Kit

Guide To The Perfect Real Estate Pre-Listing Kit (Updated 2022)

When you design a real estate pre-listing kit, you’re trying to entice a prospective seller. This package normally contains advertising materials, market statistics, and onboarding forms. However, you may be wondering how to present that information in an easily digestible format.

Fortunately, we’ve created a guide to help you get started. This will help you ensure that your marketing material is both alluring and informational without being overwhelming. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of having a real estate pre listing kit. We’ll then show you how to design one, using some of Jigglar’s easily customized templates. Let’s get started!

Why You Should Have a Real Estate Pre-Listing Kit

A real estate pre-listing kit is a type of marketing document for your brand. It is designed to help home sellers discover more about you, your company, and your value propositions.

There are a few advantages to providing a real estate pre-listing kit:

  1. You build trust with the customer.
  2. Clients are encouraged to take the next step.
  3. Any questions the client might have about selling their home are answered.
  4. You can give home sellers everything they need to get started.

Unfortunately, it can be a challenge to design a pre-listing kit that’s effective. This document must be clean, clear, and attractive. Moreover, it should sell the client on your service without being overbearing.

How to Design the Perfect Real Estate Pre-Listing Kit

The best way to design an excellent real estate pre-listing kit is to create a template that can be customized for each client. In this section, we’ll walk you through a step-by-step guide for building the perfect marketing package.

1. Start With a Personalized Letter

A personalized letter presents an opportunity to introduce yourself and your company. You can tailor the content to the customer’s needs to make it feel personal. For instance, you can think about what’s unique about their property or their circumstances.

As you write this letter, try to put yourself in your client’s shoes. What would they be most concerned with throughout the buying process? What would they want to know?

In the following example, the pre-listing kit also reminds the client about their upcoming meeting and encourages them to continue their journey:

An example of an introductory letter in a real estate pre listing kit.

The above letter acts as both an introduction and a call to action. In terms of design, it highlights the company’s brand with a logo on top and the agent information along the bottom. You can easily customize the above template to your branding by also adjusting the color scheme. 

2. Show Your Value

Your kit needs to build trust. The real estate market is very competitive, and most sellers know that they have options. 

Therefore, you may want to include information about your career, your brokerage, and your differentiating factors. Ask yourself why a client should pick you rather than a different agent or a different broker. Testimonials and reviews are potent forms of marketing that can serve as a word-of-mouth referral.

The template below lays out value propositions clearly and showcases a few testimonials:

A real estate pre listing kit that shows the company's value

It highlights major value propositions in bold text to make the page easily scannable. As with the other template, you can change the color scheme to your own branding. 

3. Discuss Your Marketing Strategy

Once you’ve established your credentials, it’s time to dig into the meat of your strategies. Your client wants to know what you can do for them.

Within your real estate pre-listing kit, you can discuss what you know about the local market, and what your real estate strategies are.

You can also highlight specific marketing services, showing your clients exactly what they can expect to gain by working with you:

An example of a real estate pre listing kit that showcases the company's marketing strategy

In the above example, you can replace the banner on top with eye-catching images of your listings. Remember to promote the services that you feel differentiate you from other realtors.

4. Initiate the Listing Process

Ideally, your pre-listing kit should ask for buy-in from a prospective seller. Once you outline the process and timeline for selling a house, you may want to encourage the client to fill out the applicable forms, such as a listing agreement.

By initiating the listing process now, you can keep your clients engaged. Once they start the listing process with you, they will hopefully be more likely to seal the deal.

Let’s take a look at the following questionnaire:

An example of a sellers questionnaire in a real estate pre listing kit

The above example directs the client to answer a few questions about their house and its characteristics. By taking the time to fill this out, the seller will hopefully feel as though they’ve already started the process. 

This template also does something very clever. It starts with emotionally positive questions. This should create a sense of positivity into what is sometimes a stressful process.

By only placing a couple of questions on the page at a time, you can get information from a seller without overwhelming them. Making the questions easy may also encourage them to fill out the form rather than set aside the pre-listing kit for later.


Ideally, the perfect real estate pre-listing kit should convince a seller to move forward with your company. By giving sellers everything they need to take the first step, you can prime them to be ready to sell when they meet with you for the first time.

Rather than trying to build the perfect real estate pre-listing kit on your own, consider using a template. You can use our Jigglar templates for the essential elements of visual design, while you concentrate on your value proposition, engagement, and conversions.

Are you ready to start bringing in listings? Sign up for a free trial account of Jigglar to get started!

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