Real estate marketing strategies examples

5 Real Estate Marketing Strategies Examples (Including Templates)

There are a million ways to market your real estate business beyond traditional ads. If you want people to pay attention, you have to think outside of the box and ensure that your marketing materials can’t be missed.

In this article, we’re going to show you five real estate marketing strategies examples and templates to inspire you and talk about why they’re so effective. Let’s get right to it!

1. Sent Important Notice Flyers

A lot of people tend to ignore flyers and it’s easy to understand why. If you live anywhere near civilization, you probably get dozens of flyers per month from business competing for your attention.

That means if you want your flyers to stand out, you need to come up with a hook. For a real estate business, that can be a free market report for owners to find out what their homes are worth:

Real estate marketing examples strategies.

This Jigglar real estate flyer template enables you to focus on homeowners within a single street. That might seem like too small a target, but it creates a feeling of exclusivity.

If someone’s sold a property in that area lately, chances are that the neighbors will want to have an idea of how much it went for. That’s where you come in with your real estate expertise.

2. Distribute COVID Impact Studies

Let’s be honest, we’ve all thought about little but COVID during this past year. As far as real estate is concerned, COVID has had a significant impact on the market. That means a lot of homeowners may be scared because they don’t know if their property values may have plummeted:

A COVID impact study on real estate.

The design of this flyer is toned down because you’re talking about a serious topic. It’s your job as a real estate agent to assuage your client’s fears and help them find out how much their property values have changed.

Using Jigglar, you can access and edit that COVID impact study template to add your own contact information and logo. That way, people will know how to get in touch with you to talk about their homes.

3. Use Social Media Templates

So far, we’ve only talked about real estate marketing strategies examples in the real world. Now, it’s time to look online.

Social media is a critical component of any modern real estate business. If you don’t have a website and a social media presence, your business might as well not exist.

Using Jigglar, you get access to a broad library of social media post templates for real estate businesses. That includes options that tie into the current landscape, such as notices about COVID restrictions lifting. This particular template is perfect for Facebook:

A Facebook post about social restrictions lifting.

You can also let followers know if you offer virtual open homes, which are becoming more and more popular than ever:

Virtual open home template.

With social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, you want to publish new content often. Having access to templates that you can easily customize can save you a lot of effort and enable you to keep up with that rapid-fire publication schedule.

4. Offer a Free Coffee

If there’s one thing that we all love is a freebie. One great way to build goodwill with the residents of a neighborhood is to offer them a free cup of joe on the house:

An offer for a free coffee.

With this offer, you’re building goodwill rather than collecting leads. Neighbors will see your logo and name and maybe decide to look up your business.

If you want to take it a step further, you can include your social media profile names on the card, so it’s easier to find you online. For bonus points, get cards from a local coffee shop instead of a big chain since they’re more likely to appreciate your business.

5. Promote a Referral Fee Program

Referral fees are a fantastic way to build bridges with other real estate agents. The way the system works is that if another agent knows about someone who’s looking for homes in your area, they’ll let you know so you can get their business:

Real estate referrals flyer

Referral fees are a big deal in real estate. If you let other agents know that you’re willing to split commissions with them, that can be a great way to find leads that you wouldn’t otherwise.


These real estate marketing strategies examples should give you plenty of ideas to get your name out there. There are always people looking to buy and sell homes and if you can market yourself to them at the right time, you might just get those listings.

Let’s recap the five real estate marketing strategies examples we went over in this article:

  1. Send important notice flyers.
  2. Distribute COVID impact studies.
  3. Use social media templates.
  4. Offer a free coffee.
  5. Promote a referral free program.

Are you ready to promote your real estate business? Start using Jigglar for free and check out our library real estate marketing templates1

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