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3 Realtor Open House Flyers (New Templates)

An open house is one of the best ways to sell a property. However, it can be hard to attract people to your event, especially if you’re in a hot market.

Marketing materials can help your cause. Sending out a realtor open house flyer doesn’t just tell buyers you have a listing in the area – it also shows them you’re active and available. People are already looking for homes, they just need to know you’re selling one.

In this article, we’re going to show you three new templates from the Jigglar archives that you can use to attract people to your next open house. With these flashy, professional templates, you can get the bodies in the door and start selling. Let’s get started!

Why You Should Consider Using Realtor Open House Flyers

An open house will nearly always attract people in the neighborhood, whether they’re looking for a home or wondering how much their own property is worth. Using this event, you could potentially sell the listing faster and find interested buyers or sellers who don’t yet have representation.

Of course, once you finish preparing your open house, you still need to get people in the door. Using attractive, professional flyers has a few advantages:

  • You can hand them out in-person, through the mail, and online.
  • Potential buyers will keep them as reminders so they don’t miss your open house.
  • You can use the flyers to advertise both the listing and your realtor brand.

Luckily, you don’t need to design an advertising poster on your own. Jigglar has a complete inventory of open house flyer templates that you can customize for your listings.

Finally, don’t forget to use a sign-in sheet at your open house events. This document can help you capture and chase up on new leads!

3 Best Realtor Open House Flyers

The best open house flyers are attractive, professional, and show off your brand. Remember that you aren’t just advertising the property – you’re also promoting yourself.

You can use the three new open house flyers listed below to both encourage interest in your property and help buyers contact you directly. Let’s take a look!

1. The Personalized Home Invitation

This “VIP Home Invitation” has a lot to say. It packs a lot of information in a small space. Furthermore, its length means you can use it as either a mailer or a door hanger:

VIP Open Home Invitation Flyer

If you have a comprehensive mailing list, you can individually address each recipient. By doing so, you can make the flyer more personal and thus more desirable.

The personalized “I hope you can make it!” note is a thoughtful method of encouraging potential buyers to connect with you. Furthermore, you can customize the “24/7 real estate valuation hotline” section with the services you provide, enabling potential buyers and sellers to reach out to your company.

Apart from the text, the flyer’s black, red, and gold color scheme is usually effective in the real estate industry. Red and yellow are frequently used for open houses because these shades can encourage impulse purchases. In contrast, you can use black to show luxury listings.

2. The Multi-Property Listing

How many open houses do you have this week? The Multi-Property Listing flyer can show off multiple properties at once. 

The sample flyer below concisely lists nine open houses that buyers might be interested in:

Open Homes This Week Flyer

Having a lengthy list can highlight the extensiveness of your network of properties. It also clearly shows different houses so as not to overwhelm the reader.

Even better, you can use this flyer on social media platforms (such as on Instagram) and in your physical mailers. By doing so, you can reach a broader audience than your immediate community.

To customize the image, choose the most visually stunning house in your arsenal. Find a picture that’s clear, eye-catching, and unique. Furthermore, consider modifying the template’s colors to suit your background image so they don’t clash.

3. The Virtual Open House

According to the National Association of Realtors, 95 percent of buyers use online searches for properties. As buyers go virtual, you’ll want to follow suit if you’re going to appeal to them.

A virtual open house enables buyers to preview properties before visiting them in person. People can even view homes from other cities or countries if they’re looking to relocate:

Virtual Open House Flyer

This flyer is well-suited for distribution either in the mail or through social media. Due to its simple format, you can post it in virtually any space, online or offline.

Apart from the impactful formatting, the flyer is remarkably clean and clear. It’s eye-catching and bright. Moreover, it features an image of you, the realtor. By putting a face to your name, the flyer can also help extend your branding. 


Real estate is ultimately about volume. Get more people in the door, and you’ll probably get more offers. Get more proposals, and you’ll likely make more money for your clients! Many people are looking for their next home – you just need to make sure they know about your listings.

Open house flyers make it easier for you to connect with prospective buyers. You can utilize them whether you’re using physical mailers, handing them out in person, or posting them online. Using Jigglar’s realtor open house flyer templates, you can easily experiment with different, eye-catching layouts, customizing them to suit each of your properties.

When’s your next open house? Sign up for a free trial of Jigglar today to kickstart your promotions!

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