Real Estate Mailers Templates

5 Real Estate Mailers Templates (Fresh Ideas For Today)

Real estate mailers can be surprisingly cheap to print and to distribute around target neighborhoods. Unlike digital ads, ignoring a physical piece of mail can be hard, which is precisely what makes this type of advertising so effective.

In this article, we’re going to explore five real estate mailer ideas you can use to promote your business and talk about what makes them so effective. Let’s get to it!

1. Home Buyers Checklist

Buying a house is always a bit scary. For a lot of people, home purchases can be the expense of a lifetime. It’s your job to inform those buyers about what to look out for so they know when they find their perfect home.

One great way to promote your business and build trust with potential clients is by distributing real estate mailers in the form of home buyers checklists:

Real estate mailers

The more thorough your checklist is, the more effective it will be at assuaging the fears of new home buyers. If you have potential buyers that have signed up for upcoming open homes, try sending them a checklist in the mail.

2. Re-Opening Our Opens

It’s not a secret that COVID-19 has brought a lot of industries to a near standstill and real estate is no exception. With social distancing rules, carrying out open homes has become near impossible.

As social distancing guidelines begin to relax, though, you may be able to bring back open homes to the menu. If that’s the case, you want to let potential buyers know by sending them a real estate mailer:

Re-opening open home events.

That design and several others are available within Jigglar’s library of real estate mailers. For the best results, remember to include your contact information and if you have multiple upcoming open homes, a full list of them.

3. In 3 Minutes

One of the biggest challenges in real estate is building a name for yourself in an area. That’s why real estate agents can be so aggressive when it comes to marketing.

If you want to get your name out there, you have to be willing to explore multiple marketing methods, such as social media, and real estate mailers:

A real estate agent profile.

With this simple mailer, for example, you can let interested parties in a neighborhood know about you and the services you offer. If someone has been thinking about putting their house on the market for a while, that flyer could convince them to reach out for a consult.

4. Happy Holidays Mailers

Everyone likes getting Christmas cards in the mail, even if they’re from their local real estate agent. By making a small investment in happy holidays mailers, you can make sure that neighbors and potential clients remember you when they’re looking to sell their house or looking for a new one:

A happy holidays real estate mailer.

For bonus points, you can always include a picture of your office’s puppy just as in that template from Jigglar’s archive. Remember to add your real estate’s office logo as well and you’re in business.

5. Market Pricing Proposals

A lot of people might be interesting in selling their houses, but they don’t have a firm idea of what they’re worth. One effective tactic to promote your services is to offer real-estate market valuations for free.

With this mailer, you can target specific streets in the neighborhoods you want. The idea is to get interested parties to contact you so you can offer a free valuation:

A free house valuation proposal.

By setting a specific date for appraisals, you give the residents a nudge to consider if they’re interested. Even if you only get only a few callbacks, those are leads you probably wouldn’t have gotten without real estate mailers.


Real estate mailers are a surprisingly cost-effective approach to market your business. The best part is, you can use real estate mailers to target specific neighborhoods and communities, which can be hard to do with digital marketing.

If you’re not sure what types of mailers you should be sending, two simple ideas include home buyers checklists and agent profiles. If you haven’t been able to host open homes for a while, sending a mailer to let buyers know about upcoming events is also an excellent idea.

Are you ready to design your first real estate mailers? Try out Jigglar for free and check out all the templates we have available for you!

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