Real Estate Listing Presentation PDF

How To Create A Real Estate Listing Presentation PDF

A lot of times, you have to woo clients to get a listing. They might express interest in selling their homes, but it’s up to you to get them to take the next steps. One of the best ways to do that is by preparing a comprehensive real estate listing presentation.

With a real estate listing presentation PDF, you can give customers all the information they need before they put their home on the market. In this article, we’ll show you how to create such a presentation from zero using Jigglar. Let’s get to it!

Step 1: Choose a Real Estate Listing Presentation Template

Jigglar includes a broad library of real estate marketing templates. To find those templates, log into your Jigglar account and you’ll see a selection of some of our latest options right away. Use the search bar to look for “listing presentation” templates:

Real estate listing presentation PDF

Jigglar offers multiple real estate listing presentation options, but all of them are relatively equal in terms of details. That means you’re free to choose any option that you want based on its style. Once you find a template that you like, move on to step two.

Step 2: Introduce Yourself to the Client

The first thing a real estate listing presentation needs to do is establish who you are and why potential customers should trust you to sell their homes. With this template, you start by including your real estate company’s logo, your name, and maybe a tagline such as “Your suburb’s most trusted opinion”:

Real estate listing presentation cover

Using Jigglar, you can replace or modify any element that you within each template. All you need to do is click on it and use the tools the editor puts at your disposal. You can move elements around, modify text, colors, fonts, and upload new images.

Next up, we recommend that you include a breakdown of what the presentation will cover:

The full real estate listing presentation agenda.

Now it’s time to break down why homeowners should trust you to sell their properties. All of Jigglar’s real estate listing presentation templates include sections that enable you to list all the reasons why customers should trust you:

Building trust with potential sellers

Finally, we recommend that you include a few client testimonials or information about a property that you’ve sold recently. For bonus points, go with both options, as you see in the example below:

Adding reviews and testimonials to your listing presentation

The entire point of this section is to get potential customers’ attention. That way, they’ll be more likely to pay attention to what comes next.

Step 3: Discuss Marketing Plan Strategies

All of Jigglar’s listing presentation templates start by breaking down the channels through which you advertise listings and who potential buyers might be:

Breaking down the buying community

The next step is to introduce owners to the different types of transactions they can engage in, including private sales and public auctions. For this part of the presentation, you want to include every step involved in both types of sales:

Selling methods in real estate

In many cases, you can leave these template slides as they are since they already include most of the critical information sellers need to know. That means you’re free to focus on other aspects of the presentation, such as explaining how to estimate a property’s value.

Step 4: Explain the Home Valuation Process

Pricing is perhaps the most sensitive issue when it comes to selling a house. Ideally, you want to find a price that reflects market value, satisfies your customer’s needs, and is still attractive enough to attract a buyer.

For this part of the real estate listing presentation PDF, we recommend you start by giving an overview of your valuation process:

Explaining how your valuation process works.

Next up, we like to include an example that shows customers the impact that ‘small’ variations in price can have in how their property is perceived:

An example of pricing variations for a property

It’s also worth noting that while some customers might be willing to keep their property on the market for years, others want a quick sale. With this next slide, you can give your customers the chance to decide how patient they want to be:

Discussing how long a property can take to sell.

By the time you send customers a real estate listing presentation, they might already have a value assesment or haven’t settled on a value yet. For now, your goal is to address any potential concerns they might have about selling and not discussing specific figures.

Step 5: Discuss Your Fee and Include a Call to Action

At this stage, if owners are interested in listing their houses, they probably only have one concern left, and that is your fee. A great real estate listing presentation will address that concern by discussing how your fee works:

Discussing your real estate selling fee

If you’re comfortable with it, we recommend that you include a figure right away so customers can take that into consideration. Now, all that’s left is to include a final CTA that prompts the seller to get in touch with you:

Your real estate listing presentation call to action.

This slide should tell the reader exactly what they should do next. That means getting in touch with you, so go ahead and include any pertinent details about how to contact now.

Now that you’re done, you can go ahead and hit the SAVE button on the Jigglar editor and then select the Download Jiggle option:

Downloading your real estate listing presentation

Jigglar will ask you in what format you want to download the presentation. Select the PDF option and once you have it, you can send it to your next listing right away.


A real estate listing presentation PDF is the perfect way to address any concerns that owners might have about selling their properties with your help. With a presentation, you can give sellers the information they need about how the process works, how property values work, and why they should choose you.

Are you ready to create a real estate listing presentation PDF? Try out Jigglar for free and get started today!

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