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How To Create An Open House Sign-In Sheet (Templates Included)

Open house sign-in sheets are remarkably easy to put together. A basic sign-in sheet only needs to include a few fields so you have the contact information for anyone that attends the event. The more straightforward your sign-in sheet is, the more people will fill it out in full.

For this article, we’ll discuss what elements you need to include in an open house sign-in sheet. We’ll also share a template for sign-in sheets from the Jigglar archives. Let’s get to it!

What To Include In an Open House Sign-In Sheet (3 Key Elements and Templates)

Sign-in sheets can be remarkably simple. In fact, you can put together a basic open house sign-in sheet using your favorite spreadsheet software. An even better alternative is to use Jigglar’s ready-to-go open house sign-in sheet templates, which we’ll show you throughout the next few sections. Let’s discuss what elements your sign-in sheet should include.

1. Name

You can’t have an open-house sign-in sheet that doesn’t ask for the name of whomever’s signing. We’ve seen some sign-in sheets that simply ask for contact information, but we dislike that approach because it makes it harder to reach out to visitors.

Open house sign-in sheet

Having a name makes calling visitors afterward a much more pleasant experience. You can ask for them by name instead of having an awkward exchange. The same goes for emails – sending an email that reads “Dear Mr. John” or “Dear Mrs. Smith” is much better than one that simply says “Hello!”.

2. Phone Number

A lot of realtors these days use email almost exclusively. However, some clients will still prefer to talk business over the phone, particularly if they’re thinking about buying a house.

Having customers’ phone numbers will enable you to reach out to them at a moment’s notice. Moreover, if they also have your phone, it makes it much easier for them to ask any questions they might have concerning the house.

As a rule of thumb, we recommend that you stick to emails until you have a client’s permission to call them. Unwanted phone calls can feel a bit obtrusive, so it’s best to leave that option for clients you already have a rapport with.

3. Email Address

Emails can be invaluable when it comes to real estate marketing. You can send sellers and buyers marketing materials such as pre-listing packages, notices for other open houses in the area, and pretty much anything else that you can think of. That’s why all of Jigglar’s open house sign-in templates feature email fields.

With an email address, you can also send visitors an open house feedback form after the event is over:

Open house feedback form

An open house feedback form gives you the perfect excuse to get in touch with everyone that attended the event. You can ask visitors for opinions on how to improve future open houses and gauge their interest in the property that they saw.

If they seem interested, you can always reach out to them via email or phone since you already have that contact information. That’s the real beauty of having an open house sign-in sheet.

4. How You Heard About the Event

Modern realtors advertise open houses using a broad range of channels. You can add posts to social media, send out flyers, advertise around specific neighborhoods, and more.

Asking open house visitors how they heard about the event can be a fantastic way to measure which marketing channels are giving you the best returns. For example, if you notice that few visitors heard about the event from social media, it might be time to overhaul your social media strategy.


Open house sign-in sheets are simple tools that can have a huge impact on how successful the event is. Sign-in sheets can help you collect leads, follow up with attendees, and even get feedback concerning the event. All of that simply because you took a minute to ask everyone to sign in when they got to the house.

If you use Jigglar, you already have access to several open house sign-in sheets and feedback forms that you can use. All you have to do is add your own logo and customize them to your needs.

Are you ready to create an open house sign-in sheet for your next event? Try out Jigglar for free and get to work on one today!

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