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2 Open House Sign In Sheet PDF Templates To Try This Weekend

Open houses aren’t just great opportunities to find potential buyers. They’re also the perfect way to collect leads. If someone is at an open house, you can assume they’re interested in buying a property and if you get their contact information, you can use that to stay in touch. All of that is possible with the right open house sign-in sheet PDF.

With a PDF, you’ll be able to create print-ready sign-in sheets that you can share with other realtors. Jigglar gives you access to several open house sign-in sheet PDFs that you can customize or use as they are. Let’s talk about how to do that!

How to Save an Open House Sign-In Sheet PDF Using Jigglar

Jigglar provides you with a broad library of real estate marketing templates that you can use in any way that you want. Among those, you have options for flyers, social media posts, and even open house sign-in sheets:

Part of the Jigglar library

You can open any template in the library and edit it using Jigglar’s built-in tools. The platform enables you to add and edit text, upload your own images, add shapes, use layers, and more. Once you’re happy with a design, you can save it to your personal library and download it.

When it comes to downloading templates, Jigglar enables you to save designs as JPEGs, standard PDFs, and printer-ready PDFs:

Choosing which format to save templates in

Standard PDFs are perfect if you’re going to print a design within the office or for templates that are fairly simple. It’s an ideal format for open house sign-in sheet PDFs. However, for more complex designs, you’ll want to save those files as commercial-ready PDFs.

2 Open House Sign-In Sheet PDF Templates You Can Use

Jigglar offers a couple of ready-to-go templates for open house sign-in sheets that you can use and save as PDFs or JPEGs. Let’s check out what those are.

1. Basic Open House Register

Open house sign-in sheets don’t need to be complicated. Basically, all you need is a well-formatted template where visitors can add their details as they walk into the house. Ideally, every visitor should leave their name, phone number, and email:

Although the design here is basic, it does provide you with a few customization options. You can replace the background image at the top of the template and add your logo to the left where the placeholder goes.

We also like to include an email to the left of the sign-in sheet. There’s also plenty of space where you can add a simple greeting or share more of your own contact information so visitors can jot it down.

Depending on how much exposure your open house gets, you’ll probably want to bring several sign-in sheets with you. With the right open house sign-in sheet PDF, you’ll be able to print as many as you need.

2. Open House Feedback Form

Open house feedback forms can double as sign-in sheets and they can provide you with a lot of information about how the event went. For example, you can ask visitors to rate the home and see if they loved it and find out how they heard about the event:

Open house feedback form

Open house feedback forms will help you identify which visitors loved the property the most. With their contact information, you’ll be able to reach out to them after the event and see if they’re interested in discussing the property.

Keep in mind that, unlike regular sign-in sheets, you’ll want to distribute feedback forms before visitors leave. Alternatively, you can submit feedback forms directly via email if you already have those visitors’ contact information.


Open house sign-in sheets are a must if you’re going to host an event. Without sign-in sheets, you won’t collect contact information for all the people who attend the event. That’s a missed opportunity to collect leads and get those visitors to remember you in case they want to keep looking at other properties.

If you use Jigglar, you have access to hundreds of real estate marketing templates including open house sign-in sheet PDFs. In fact, you can save any Jigglar template as a PDF so you can print it in-house or send it to a commercial shop.

Are you ready to design a new open house sign-in sheet? Try out Jigglar for free and customize any of our templates to fit your business needs!

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