8 Real Estate Descriptive Words That Really Convert

8 Real Estate Descriptive Words That Really Convert

Successful people in real estate often have a special blend of words they use regularly when advertising properties.  These real estate descriptive words have the power to make or break your sales.

Not only do these words entice people to want to have a look at the houses, but they can also help to sell properties at higher prices.

Reminder When Using Real Estate Descriptive Words

As a caveat, it won’t do to use words that don’t accurately describe a listing. This is misleading and can cause problems down the road.

The best way to use descriptive words is to see if they tell buyers something good about the property in one word. Sensory words are also good to use, especially when describing the look and feel of a property.

The better a word can capture the positive aspects of your listing, the more powerful it is at enticing buyers.

In this post, we’re sharing with you real estate-industry specific words that help you sell a home faster.

8 Real Estate Descriptive Words That Can Boost Conversions

1. Luxurious

Real estate descriptive words such as “luxurious” can help you sell lower-priced listings for higher than the expected price.

The word should be used to highlight a home’s high-end amenities and classy finishes that add appeal to the property.

2. Impeccable

If you have a property that’s generally desirable, feel free to use the word “impeccable” in your real estate flyers or sales pitches.

It’s a rich adjective that can feature the visual qualities of a listing or the wonderful state of the amenities. It can also be used to highlight how the home is move-in ready.

3. Captivating

Just like the word “impeccable,” “captivating” is also a rich adjective that provides a more enticing description for buyers.

Rather than something being “good” or “nice,” the word “captivating” tells you that the listing surpasses high standards.

4. Stainless

Use this word to describe elements of the kitchen, especially for lower-priced homes. For example, describe appliances and surfaces as “stainless steel.”  This can help you sell the property for more than the average expected price.

5. Beautiful

Homes that are described as having a beautiful top-floor view or a beautiful front yard can fetch higher than the average selling value.

You can use this interchangeably with the previously-mentioned word, “captivating” to really draw in buyers to the positive features of a listing.

6. Landscaped

This word can apply not just for the property, but also for nearby areas or the general terrain of the listing’s location.

For example, you can say the listing is located near a “beautifully landscaped community park,” which already throws in two words from this post into the descriptions, “beautiful” and “landscaped.”

This is something you can use to create attention-grabbing headlines in your flyers.

7. Upgraded

Use the word “upgraded” regularly to highlight that a property has undergone several improvements, especially with regard to amenities. 

This is a good approach when you want to describe the quality of the home. It helps buyers have the right expectations when they see the listing.

8. Updated

“Updated” is similar to “upgrade.” However, the difference is that “updated” signals that something old has been replaced to enhance the convenience or visual appeal of the home.

Key Takeaway

The effective use of descriptive words can make a dramatic impact on your overall success rate as a real estate professional.

When you begin to understand just how powerful the right words can be, you’ll integrate them more in your daily conversations with buyers and even in your marketing mediums such as flyers, brochures, and more.

Do you have a favourite descriptive word of your own? Share it with us in the comments section below. We’d be happy to hear your ideas.

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