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How Real Estate Flyer Templates Can Help You Get More Leads

Is there a more time-tested advertising medium used by real estate agents than flyers? Probably not. A simple yet effective tool for your business, real estate flyer templates are now even easier to make. Sites like Jigglar offer dozens of ready-to-use templates that can make even the most inexperienced agent feel like an industry expert.

To help you increase your leads, we’ll share with you tips on how to rise above the noise and make yourself more visible to potential clients with real estate flyer templates.

How to Use Real Estate Flyer Templates to Generate More Qualified Leads

1. Use Stunning Typography and Imaginative Titles

Move beyond “Buy Now” or “For Sale” and into more imaginative titles to evoke emotion from your target buyers.

Words like luxurious, captivating, impeccable, beautiful, upgraded and updated may positively influence your sales, especially when you use text that’s clean, legible, and reflective of your brand.

2. Highlight the Selling Points

Put some thought into the best features of the homes you’re selling to entice buyers to come see for themselves.

These selling points can be a house’s close proximity to the community playground, malls, and schools. You can also mention upgrades such as granite countertops, wooden floors, and a spacious front yard.

3. Put Striking Yet Professional Images

real estate flyer templates

High-quality, crisp, and professionally-taken images should create a mood or support the story you’re trying to tell in the flyer. Aside from the titles, the images can also serve as the focal point of your flyer.

The goal is to pull viewers in because they want to take a closer look. Other elements of the flyer can then work towards enhancing the effectiveness of your Call-to-Action (CTA).

4. Speak to Your Target Market

While you may want a flyer that stands out, you also want it to catch the attention of your target audience. The message and tone of your flyer should be in line with the type of customers you want to reach.

If you are selling a house in the flyer, use words such as “you” and “your,” and focus on the benefits that can answer the question, “What’s in it for me?”

Research is imperative to pulling this off right. Afterwards, you can make adjustments to your real estate flyer templates to reflect the data you’ve collected.

5. Be Consistent With Your Brand

Make sure all the elements align perfectly with your real estate brand’s identity.

The shapes, colours, images, and the promotional message should reflect what your agency is about or what your brand is trying to accomplish for buyers.

Jigglar, for example, saves your agency’s colours so you can use them throughout various templates without setting the colours yourself.

6. Test Different Real Estate Flyer Templates

Not every template may work with the kind of house you’re selling or open-house event you’re organising.

“For Sale” flyers may benefit from more images, while flyers for open-house events may work better when there are more details about the house’s features.

Real Estate Flyer Templates Shouldn’t Be the Only Focus

Increasing your leads isn’t just about how you make your flyers. Other factors play a part, such as how you talk to buyers, and what time you’re publishing advertising copy on your social media page.

Jigglar is dedicated to making it easier for you to create brand-consistent flyers so you can focus on the other aspects that can help increase listings and sales. 

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