The Ten Traits of a Real Estate Top Performer

What determines a Real Estate Top Performer? There is a reason why two agents in the same office – with the same branding, marketing and listing tools – can yield very different results. Where one agent in an office might struggle, another might shine, and the difference is they have the traits of a top performer. Having the best skills, tools and resources does not guarantee success in real estate. Having the right mindset, attitude and systems are critical to becoming a successful real estate agent.

Over the years, Jigglar co-founder Aaron Shiner has worked with (and coached) some of the Australia & New Zealand’s best agents and has discovered the ten traits shared amongst real estate’s best.

Are able to affect their own emotional state

Working in sales has its inevitable ups and downs – the bad phone call, the sure-thing that fell through – and the average person will let a bad moment bring them down for the day. When things don’t go their way however, top agents don’t dwell on it – they put it past them and can be back up and running within minutes.

Have an energy that attracts customers

It’s the X factor – a confident, friendly and approachable personality is key to forming positive relationships. People gravitate to agents with positive energy.

Prepare themselves both physically & emotionally

Top agents do more than just create great listing kits and run memorable open homes. They also take the time to look after themselves – exercise, eating right, and taking time to unwind and relax. They attend coaching to better their career and know how to handle every occasion. Looking after yourself physically will benefit you emotionally, keep you sharp and ready to win business.

Prospect effectively – and do it more than anyone else

They have a detailed marketing and prospecting plan in place and put it to work. This means they make those calls, send out those Just Sold flyers, and get those quarterly CMA’s out to their database. It takes 24 points of contact with a contact to become a trusted ‘household name’, and they make sure they are well known in their area. We have proven marketing templates in Jigglar to optimise your prospect exposure.

Have a natural ability to build trust in an instant

The two keys to building trust are listening and empathy. Listen to what the client has to say, and build empathy with them. This establishes a lasting relationship of trust.

Qualify their contacts – not interrogate them

Have a great set of qualifying questions and importantly, make people feel at ease. Rookie agents can be abrasive and make people feel uneasy. For example, the first thing you must do is seek permission to ask questions. This first impression sets the scene for a long lasting and trusting relationship.

Are accessible and easy to contact

The number one complaint for vendors is lack of agent communication – and top agents know this. Return those calls, reply to emails and texts. A well-informed vendor is a happy vendor – leading to referrals, which leads to more business.

Give prospects strong reasons to do business with them

Great agents are able to find the clients motivation for selling, rather than focusing on money. Focus on solving their problem/motivation (e.g. moving closer to family, downsizing etc.) and show them how you can make their dreams a reality. It’s not just about the dollars and cents.

Have the courage to close the sale – and ask for the listing

So many agents will reach the end of the presentation and say, “call me”. The logical next step is to ask for the business – in the right way. For example, “Can I have your permission to start telling buyers about your property?”. Have the courage and confidence to win the listing.

Have a proven system – and put it in action

A clean database and follow-up system are the core of every top agents’ business – and they put it into action. They have a time-proven system of action plans and templates which they can easily set to their potential clients and maintain communication in a consistent and automated manner. They know who to call every day, which letters to send and can send targeted, bulk communication in seconds. No top performer is identical – everyone has their own way of doing things, but all of them have a system.

It’s never too late to start adapting and learning these traits to improve your career. Some are easier than others, and it takes time to adjust and integrate, but every step helps – and the sooner you start implementing, the sooner you will see results. Jigglar is a unique and focussed real estate marketing solution offering proven marketing assets which can help you fine tune your systems. Become the top performing agent in your office.  List and sell!




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