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"Love Jigglar. I own the office and am addicted to it. As a graphic designer for 30 years, I really appreciate the designs and the messages. Keep creating the good stuff!"
Dionne Malush Realty One Group McMurray Pennsylvania USA

Real estate templates for agents.

There’s no wedding invites or travel flyers here. We’re 100% focused on real estate flyers. 600+ and counting with more templates being added each week. Not only do they look amazing, they’re designed to get you more listings and sell faster.

Stay on-brand with one click color adjust.

With one click you can change all the colours in a real estate flyer template to match your agency profile. No more manually editing or guessing what the colors should be. All the big agency brands are already loaded or add your custom colors to your profile easily!

You can edit ANY of the text!

Every element on the template is editable, so text is changed easily with a few clicks. We’ve also added loads of fonts and styling options so you can be as creative as you like with your copy.

Add your listing photos in seconds.

With a few simple clicks you can replace any of the template images with your own property photos. With pre-set image containers, we’ve made it extra easy for you to customize our real estate templates.

 Get creative with shapes.

Enhance your real estate flyers with shapes! Create background blocks, image containers and striking graphical effects. Simple drag and drop with easy to edit options. Get creative!.

We all make mistakes, just undo!

No matter how hard we try, mistakes will always happen. So when they do just click the “Undo” icon and your real estate flyers will be righted again to your previous step.

Manual layer stacking.

Control the objects on your real estate flyers with our layer stacking tool. You can quickly and easily adjust the stacking order of newly added elements.

Need more the same? Duplicate it.

The ability to duplicate items in your design will save you hours of editing from scratch. Set up a listing thumbnail with icons and features, then duplicate it and place it as many times as you need.

 Create and save your work.

Jigglar allows you to save your work to the cloud. We call them “Jiggles”. Create a library of valuable, real estate marketing material and you’ll be able to re-use templates when you need.

 We’re here to help.

Not only do we have great live chat support, we also have a full knowledge base packed with articles, videos and how-to guides on everything Jigglar.

 Your printer will love you!

Need to send your artwork off to your favourite printer? No problem, download your Jiggle as a Print Ready pdf, including Bleed and Trim Marks! Your printer will love you!.

 Pre loaded text fields.

To make it even easier to use we’ve linked important data from your account profile straight into the templates, so when you open one up half the work is already done!

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