Professional Image Background Removal Service


Removing the background from your headshot or logo. Create the perfect cutout of your image. Great for full body shots, headshots, curly hair straight hair, you name it!

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Need a background removed from an image? We can do it for you! Just upload a hi-res image and we can supply you with a transparent file that you can use on many artworks in Jigglar!

Why remove image backgrounds from your headshot or full-body images?

Having a professional version of your image is supercritical in real estate. We all market ourselves based on personal brand and people need to see that you are a professional.

Images say 1,000 words as they say and what would stand out better than having your professional image cut out perfectly with no background so that you can place your graphic over the top of other elements in a design.

This kind of thing is normally hard and you might get a poor result doing it yourself. The last thing you want is to have a crooked or white background which has clearly been chopped or worse, maybe you accidentally chop off part of your hair!

Our professional-grade background removal service will do it for you the right way so you can use this graphic for YEARS to come in all sorts of professional contexts.

How long does it take?

Normally we turn around these professional-quality background removals within 24-48 hours max but often it is much faster.

We will be in contact with you via email, so keep an eye out for your images to arrive or if we have any questions for you regarding the images.

What do you need to supply?

It works best if you have a clear, professionally taken photograph or headshot. If you don’t, just try to take one with your iPhone or other digital cameras on a plain background such as a wall with a single-colored background.

We need the .jpg or .jpeg file that these cameras produce. If it’s stuck on your phone you can email this to yourself, just make sure you send the “original size” so it’s the maximum resolution.

The bigger the resolution the better the end result will be, so try to avoid sending a photograph with small dimensions.